Ben,  Dosbarth Mrs Davies

At school I enjoy ICT (information communication technology) 

I am a Digital Wizard so I can help other people at school if they need help with the ICT.

I like playing rounders too.

Josie,  Dosbarth Mrs Richards

Jasper, Dosbarth Mrs Jones

Ted, Dosbarth Mrs Davies

I really like History and Geography. Those are my favourites.

I've enjoyed learning about Bendigedfran and finding out about Eco Tourism.

Our library is good. It's a good place to do School Council meetings and it's quite a nice place.

Playtimes are fun.

I like doing P.E.

I like it best when we use the apparatus.

Eli,  Dosbarth Miss Owen

Griffin, Past pupil

I liked meeting up with my friends and playing football at break time.

My favourite subject was probably maths but I liked English and Welsh as well.

All the teachers in the school are really nice.

Llywella, Past Pupil

My Favourite subject to do in school is Mathematics.

I love doing PE and meeting up with my all of my friends here.